Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to our little corner of “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) portion. In this section, you can find great answers to your common problems that you and our loyal customers have. It is a great resource for common questions we typically get and you may find them very helpful and informative. Cosplay Galaxy is committed to customer satisfaction. You may always contact us if you still have more questions that are not answered in this page.

Darn NO! Cosplay Galaxy guarantees you that all of our figures we sell on our website are all original and legitimate. Cosplay Galaxy does not carry any bootleg items, pirated figurines or unlicensed merchandise! We sell high end quality figurines only with reasonable price.
While there is no letter of authenticity on each of the figures. You can simply spot them easily if an item is fake or bootleg, by looking at the workmanship of the product in details. Try to search on Google for more information.
Yes! Cosplay Galaxy scans each item(s) for damages and any missing parts. We personally check and inspect each and every product that arrives in our door before we ship it to you, we wanna make sure that there are no broken parts or missing pieces upon delivery. As we want to make our return rate as low as possible by not shipping you a damaged or defective item(s). If the item(s) is damaged or there is a single accessory missing, we simply don’t ship it and all defective items will be sent back to the manufacturers.
We know the value of these item figure(s). We take extreme caution and care every time we check a single item. Cosplay Galaxy guarantees that we do not remove any rare items from any of the toy figures we sell, that includes any small to large accessories, cards or stickers that may come with the figure. We ship the item exactly what is inside the box and what the manufacturer sends us.
Item(s) are handled carefully. We re-package your item(s) generously with lots of paper cushioning and bubble wrapper if applicable inside the box so it won’t get damaged upon transportation. As we don’t wanna risks your items getting damaged easily while in transit.
Backorders are items that are out of stock. Cosplay Galaxy doesn’t know when will the items be available again, if the item(s) you paid is not yet available after 1 month, we will then issue you a full refund of the item(s) you backordered. However, you may wish to order to guarantee your item(s). Once the item arrives in our door and passed our inspection process, we will then notify you and ship the item(s) along with the tracking number.
We fulfill orders every single day. Typically within 1 or 2 business days after payment is accepted and 5 business days to arrive the package(s) at your door. This is the standard delivery time we get from Canada Post or UPS. Cosplay Galaxy does not guarantee the delivery time as this is beyond our control. However, a tracking number will be given to you with your item purchased from us.
We use Canada Post or UPS. Shipments typically arrive within 5 business days or less!
No! If your mailing address is in Canada you don’t have to pay any custom taxes. However, if you are outside of Canada. You need to pay custom taxes. Custom taxes and import duties are the sole responsibility of the customers. Cosplay Galaxy does not accept responsibility for paying any import duties or taxes. Please contact your local officials for imported goods.
Items bought from the website will be declared by their respective value. By law, we must declare all items properly.
Shipping is based on item’s length, width, height, weight and the final destination. Shipping fee is automatically calculated on the Checkout page using Canada Post Live Rates. However, we cannot calculate the shipping cost for any Pre-Order items until we have the physical item in stock.
We accept any major credit cards and even Paypal!
Refunds and Returns are in case per case basis. Due to the nature of the product item, we trust our customer to be more responsible in terms of buying any product from us, as these items are delicate in nature, rare to some extent and are limited in production and once it is damaged. It is hard to re-sell it back again. Generally, your item might be elegible for return if and only if the box is not been opened. Please read our Return Policy for more information.
if your item is eligible for return. Depending on the issuing bank’s processing speed, refunds should post to your account within 7-10 business days.
Yes! If you love the product that you just purchased from us then we encourage you to leave a product review on the experience you had with us and with the particular toy you ordered from us! This will help other customers to make their decision easily. Help everyone it’s a good karma 🙂
If you have more questions. Please contact us and fill out the form. Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions and inquieries.