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Blade Arcus Shining Won Pairon 2P

From Sega RPG Shining series game comes Blade Arcus from Shining EX Won Parion. This is the 2P Color version from the game.

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Ragnastrike Angels Anemori Ayano

The Giant beauty Battle action game, Ragnastrike Angels comes the 38 meter tall giant heroine Anemori Ayano. This figure maintains the art illustration of fame manga artist Misaki Kurehito with this kneeling pose.

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T2 Girls Aigan Yousei Renge

Popular illustrator Tony’s original character Aigan Yosei Renge is sculpted as a figure, covering her face with her hand with her lovely smile. With a white base with a gold and red texture kimono style, vibrant colour pink wings.

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Tokisaki Kurumi Date A Live II

From the very popular series Date A Live Ⅱ. From the third spirit, come the third spirit Elohim. To the weapon Zafkiel, and posing as she runs through the battlefield. The precise watch of the image of Zafkiel as she views the world, graceful and dressed in fluttering and tails flowing beautifully.