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Fate/Extella Nero Claudius Rose Vacance Version

Nero Claudius stole the hearts of fans all over in her breathtaking Rose Vacance design in Fate/Extella, and now you can bring that charm and appeal to your figure collection with this absolutely gorgeous figure in 1/8 scale!

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KanColle Zuikaku Kai Ni

Bolster your good fortune in both life and figure collecting with the luckiest aircraft carrier in KanColle – Zuikaku in her Kai Ni form! Beautifully sculpted, prospective admirals are sure to notice her power and dedication with her generous 9.1” height at 1/7th scale.

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Kantai Collection Kan Colle Maya Kaini

Maya has had a few upgrades! Take a look at this beautiful 1/7th scale non-articulated figure sculpted by Unitech and Eldora Model (Jun), and produced by Aoshima which recreates the popular KanColle Fleet Girl in all her glory!

Save $10 on backorder!
Kantai Collection KanColle Shokaku Kai Ni

Shinpen five coastal warfare, flagship Shokaku and sortie! Have a bow and arrow, from the figure which stood fluttering hair, you feel the atmosphere of dignified Shokaku unique.