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409 Nendoroid Rin Tohsaka re-run

From the popular PC game ‘Fate/stay night’ comes a Nendoroid of one of the main heroines and first class magus, Rin Tohsaka! She comes with three expressions including a composed smiling expression, a combat expression and an embarrassed expression

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714 Love Live! Sunshine! Riko Sakurauchi (Re-run)

From the anime series ‘LoveLive! Sunshine!!’ comes a Nendoroid of the Aqours member Riko Sakurauchi wearing her outfit from the song ‘Aozora Jumping Heart’! She comes with two face plates including a calm and mature smiling expression as well as an embarrassed expression.

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868 Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Kyouko Sakura Maiko

Kyouko Sakura is rejoining the Nendoroids dressed as a maiko! From “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” comes a Nendoroid of Kyouko Sakura dressed in a refreshing Maiko outfit. She comes with two face plates including a smiling face and a face with closed eyes, and she also comes with a drawstring bag to display with her!

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948 Comic Girls Kaoruko Moeta

From the popular anime series “Comic Girls” comes a Nendoroid of the 4-panel manga artist “Chaos”, also known as Kaoruko Moeta! She comes with three face plates including a cute standard expression, an expression based on her “abababa” line from the series as well as a high-spirited energetic expression.

Asmodeus - The Seven Deadly Sins - A New Translation - Limited Base Version

In cerebration of Anime broadcasting of The Seven Deadly Sins, Limited characters are showing up with brand new base and coloring method. This is quite similar to original one, but not same. It’s like “Reboot” version. New special base is bundled. It is adopted cast-off spec. Please do not miss it! Using “Micro USB” to be plugged in, the base will be lighted. (Lightning and Type-C USB not allowed). Illustrated by Nishii and sculpted by Satoshi Ishiyama.

Bakunyu Ushimusume (Cowgirl) Melfi Cowgirl Comic Un-real Vol 38

Bakunyu Ushimusume (Cowgirl) Melfi Cowgirl figure is based on the Comic Unreal Volume 38. Sculpted: Justice (MouseUnit) breast cattle daughter is beautiful figurine adorned the cover of a comic Unreal No. 38 of powerful wrapped in costume cow pattern bust of tights over nice butt.

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Blade Arcus Shining Won Pairon 2P

From Sega RPG Shining series game comes Blade Arcus from Shining EX Won Parion. This is the 2P Color version from the game.

Chichinoe + 3 Young Hip Cover Gal Crimson Red

OrchidSeed give [Chichinoe +] series third installment [Chichinoe +3 YOUNG HIP Cover Gal] is newly re-emerged attire! Guren of the Goddess, descended! Crimson Red version that this time of the goddess is fluttering beautiful crimson hair. More beautiful renewal is also the color of the skin! Larger hip covering white swimsuit that sheer faint big breast became revealed raised tucked a black knit. To attract you in a sensational pose to enjoy both at once. Do not miss Big Chest painter Takuya Inoue and breast molding nurses the gem of the figure of Satoshi Ishiyama!

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Dragon's Crown Sorceress

Bewitching women with knowledge of dark magic. They are weak of body, but the great knowledge they wield of the arcane arts cannot be ignored. Sorceresses can create delicious food, control skeletons, and turn foes into harmless frogs. A jack-of-all-trades support class, they can provide aid to their friends in countless ways.” – Sorceress description in Atlus Dragon’s Crown website.

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Dungeon Travelers 2-2 Mefmera

Muhumera was drawn for the premium edition from “Dungeon Travelers 2 – 2 Dark Fallen Maiden ‘s Beginning” and it was figurized based on illustrations of a special package.

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Fate/Extella Nero Claudius Rose Vacance Version

Nero Claudius stole the hearts of fans all over in her breathtaking Rose Vacance design in Fate/Extella, and now you can bring that charm and appeal to your figure collection with this absolutely gorgeous figure in 1/8 scale!

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Fate/Extra CCC Caster Casual Wear Figure

This figure showcases Caster in casual wear. Fate/Extra CCC is a sequel and companion game to Fate/Extra. Originally announced for release in Japan during Spring 2012, the game was later pushed to Winter 2012 and then given a firm release date for February 21, 2013.