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Sadakage Illustration Muma Astacia

Sadakage Illustration Muma Astacia is a 1/5.5 scale PVC figurine of an original character created by Sadakage, sculpted by Melting Neuron and manufactured by Daiki Kougyou. Muma Asutashia (Astacia) obtains the milk of even evil cloudy tonight, flying in a false appearance. You wander the lazy darkness, in Yuku fallen to domineering torture pleasure, buy the farm become a prisoner of the ride is person of breeding.

Sailor Succubus Sapphire Vol 33 Cover Gal

Comic Unreal Orchid Seed Sailor Succubus Sapphire Vol.33 Cover Gal PVC 1. Mogudan teacher [Comic Unreal] Cover draw down is a mark by series, [woman swordsman Fine], [Succubus Sylvia] latest work that becomes the third installment following the [Sailor succubus sapphire] is finally appeared!

Sengoku Bushouki Muramasa Vertex Ittosai Ito

From Vertex. From Sengoku Bushouki MURAMASA, the mobile game featuring gender-bent versions of famous commanders and castles of the Sengoku period, comes a 1/8 scale figure of Ittosai Ito, standing more than 8-1/2″ tall in her battle armor with her fearsome blade!

Succubus Silvia Cover Gal Comic Unreal Vol 2

Comic Unreal Vol.2 Cover Gal Orchid Seed Succubus Silvia Designed by Mogudan 1/6 PVC Figure.

Drawn by everyone Mogudan sensei Cover is a landmark [Comic Unreal]. The second series following [Female sword fighter] is three-dimensionalized [Succubus Sylvia] from Vol.2 cover llustration. A devilish dynamite body that breaks through the common sense of the human world with light bite! Get drunk with the charm of magic!

Sumeragi Kohaku Original Character The Succubus

Behold the seductive Sumeragi Kohaku Original Character The Succubus, pumpkin minions in escort as she works her magic on you – an original character by Sumeragi Kohaku. The tiny costume tightly gripping her voluptuous body, unique star pattern in her hair, and mark of true love in her eyes have all been faithfully captured. A unique set of interchangeable parts allows you to liberate her from those little panties and bustier, and enjoy her body as it was meant to be seen. Painted ABS/PVC 1/6th scale figure with stand included. Approximately 175mm in height. Sumeragi Kohaku Original Character.